5/25/10 Winston-Salem, NC

North Carolina is still the south?

Hell of a drive today. 7-8ish hours through some beautiful mountains and bends and rivers and things. I did a lot of driving along with Ross and Coop while Alex actually made the video for the previous day after I showed him the ropes/jedi ways of daily vid making.
The place lived up to its name, The Garage. That’s what it looked like, but it looked good. Crew, sound guy, other band (Shalini), all were really nice. Once again we felt very welcomed and comfortable. We played a fun set, and were joined nicely by some really nice girls who liked to dance, which always makes a show enjoyable to play. We ended up making friends and receiving a hugely generous offer of a floor to stay on when we announced we were homeless for the night.
We had snacks and watched a scary movie and all slept in one big room on the floor.
Thanks again Brittany and Melanie!



2 thoughts on “5/25/10 Winston-Salem, NC

  1. Yay North Carolina! And floors! And Elliott Smith! I stayed in an inn in Portland with an Elliott Smith suite in the basement. Vaguely creepy, but also cool :-) Thanks again for staying with us, guys…

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