5/27/10 Charlottesville, VA

This place is awesome.

“roooom service.”
“ughhhh no thanks”
“It’s check out!”
“crap guys, my computer’s clock is still behind an hour.”

And so our day began, scrambling to run out of the hotel to avoid an additional fee, stumbling into the bouncemobile and shoving off at around 11:15am. The drive was only about 2 hours, and so we got to Charlottesville early and had some time to take it in.
The venue was in the Downtown Mall. Really pretty outside area with a bunch of cool shops and restaurants.
We ate at a 5 Guys, Tyler got “The Concept of Nature” from a sweet book store, and the venue was this really awesome tea room that we hung around for a long time.
We drove from 1am – 5:40am to Alex’s place in PA afterwards, that wasn’t fun.
But we loved Charlottesville.



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