6/1/10 Philadelphia, PA

House party in Philly!

Finally a stop somewhere farther south than the last!
The day was jovial. We departed from Cooper’s lovely place back up in CT after having stayed a whole day off there, and got into Philly sometime mid-afternoon. First thing on the list was to experience cheesesteaks. We heard from the natives that Pat’s was the place to go. Hit that and hit it hard. Ddeelliicciioouuss.
After seeing a little bit more of the streets and city we headed to our friend Mike’s place to set up and get ready to throw down.
We were told to keep it down because of the neighbors, so we decided on a really laid back quiet set like we do sometimes at coffee shops and things. It was way fun.
Despite this, after 4 songs we received a visitor, hollering to keep down all the “cranked amps” that were searing the air at a blaring level of 2.
We broke down and broke out the party. Drinks, friends, hoola-hoops, dub step mini-raves, and a lot of freestyling ensued.
<3 all our friends up in PA! (last vid will be up tomorrow probably, sorry these last ones are a bit late) Devin

One thought on “6/1/10 Philadelphia, PA

  1. I <3 devin, ross, tyler, alex, john, and coop a doop. its just how I live

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