Tour Day 11 (Orlando, FL)

Happy Easter, Tyler’s home crowd, rock n’ roll

We woke up in a magical Scurlock household and enjoyed the day, jamming some more and relaxing.
We drove out 20 minutes or so to the venue in Orlando, taking our friends from Oceana, Brennan and Denny, with us.

The place was just a solid venue and bar, apart from being tucked away and difficult to find in the back of a shopping strip next to a highway.
There were 4 bands, first being a local hardcore group, Here For the Fight.
Second was Oceana, or, some rendition of it. Two of their members couldn’t attend, so the two left who came with us set up a keyboard and drums and jammed some demos of new material while our very own Alex Hertz supplied some accompanying guitar. It actually worked out really well, I’m pretty excited.
We were third. It went lovely, besides getting sprayed with a strobelight here and there, once again (We thought Gainesville was the last of that). We had probably our best support since the kickoff show.
Last was a solid group named The Story of Sound, who we quickly became good buds with. They were even so kind as to give us their cut of the pay to help us on tour, bless those boys. Sincerely, appreciated so much. However, we still plan on playing dirty and ruthless and kicking their asses in Words with Friends on our iPhones.

We slept back at casa de Scurlock once again, with dreams of the last, very long, day of tour dancing in our heads.



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