Tour Day 12, finale (Mobile, AL)

It’s been a journey.

Well, this is it. Last day for the team to show our stuff.

The day began earlier than ever, as I was awakened by the countdown of a shuttle launch at 5:20 a.m. and ran out of bed with camera in hand to witness it. It was glorious, and worth it.
Soon after, we left for the long road of 8 hours to Mobile.
We had a few pit stops along the way, having left some gear and a very, very important sweatshirt at the house party in Tallahassee. Great to see that place again.
It was a long and winding day on the road.

Our final show was at a coffee shop. Quiet, low-key, relaxed, small. Fine with us.
We played a fairly acoustic set, keeping the volume at about literally 10x lower than usual, and played for about 2 hours, sipping coffee and making a few friends. Ross and Tyler also filled in some time with some of their solo-works.
Bringing along our dearest friend, Sun Hotel’s little sister, Haley, we left late into the night for our last drive to New Orleans.

We rolled in at about 1am, unloaded, and let the coach take over the final speech to re-cap the season.
We also rewarded him quite appropriately for his leadership. See the 6:00 minute mark in the video to see what I mean. It’s perfect.

All in all, we left our hearts on the field, gave 110%, met a bunch of great people and had so many good times.

Looking forward to our next tour in late May/early June tremendously.

By the way, please feel free to let me know what you thought of the videos and blogs! I loved doing them and hope to do it again when we go back on tour. Critique on how they could improve or any feedback would melt my heart.

luv alwys


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