Tour Day 2 (Baton Rouge, LA)

Hittin’ the road.

Today was our first day out of town. After delaying an hour or two, stopping by Cafe Prytania to pick up my cymbals that we left there last night, and chasing after a guitar tuner, we were on our merry way.
Coach Cooper Garff is officially introduced in this documentation, and proved that he was well prepared and fit to be the coach of this season of Teamsmanship.
The atmosphere at HTGT was buzzing and fun from the get go. After a total of 5 bands starting from 7pm earlier that evening, we gave this warehouse full of kids our all.
And really, I love this place. It was overall a really fun show. Very homey, but still very ready to rock out, feels like a community there.
After the show we had quite a good time kickin’ it with Ross’s sis Kate, and our best bud Ryan Seiter contributed greatly to narrating a re-cap of the night in this day’s video.

Check it out!
Sendin’ all my love from Jackson tonight


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