Tour Day 3 (Jackson, MS)

Talk about a 180 degree show.

My day to drive. : [
We started the day by stocking up on foods to bring along, and had a pretty damn nice picnic under a tree in the parking lot.
After that, it was about 3 hours to Jackson. We got there way early, spent a lot of time getting to know the bartenders and playing video-game Deer Hunting.

So here’s the low-down we got that evening:
The band that’s playing after us is also playing a show at another bar, at the same time we’re supposed to be playing here, then they’re ganna head over afterwards. They, and whoever else is playing over there, are workers of the bar we’re currently at, so apparently all the regular crowd here would be absent. At about 10:15 pm, we were making jokes about Jackson, population 6. Literally 0 other people in the place.
At 10:40 we came back inside and by some magic (it was really baffling) the place was packed. I dunno what bell rang or what let out but we ended up with more new team players (fans) and revenue than our kickoff show.
Not to mention! – the venue gave us all a free meal, and a place to stay. Literally, a small house just for us.
Our happiness is only understandable by some of the closing clips of this day’s video.

We <3 Jackson and Ole Tavern....and ryan seiter Devin

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