Tour Day 4 (Nashville, TN)

Long day, headed up north, we’re scared.

The day started off slow, still soggy in the victory ritual of last night. We rallied around noon, made our cornerstone ham-cheese-hummus sandwiches, cleaned up as best we could as headed out for a long drive to Nashville.
We were all pretty worried about heading this far north, the temperature was dropping below 60 and that’s way out of our element. However, we’ve got some good pals in TN and were pretty jacked about the show.
The place turned out pretty strange, eerie, and almost depressing. There was no one there to run it for the night. Like, actually no one. So, it was pretty weird from the get go. On top of that it just had a very neglected appearence, and the turn out was a little thinner than we anticipated. Thus, the atmosphere was quite different tonight.
However, the show still felt really good and we did make some pretty awesome new friends/teammates and saw some already dear ones (<3 Michelle, Maggie, Pete). Our next stop is only 20 minutes away so we're just hanging pretty hard in Nashville, checking out Belmont, possibly seeing the Parthenon. Neat place! xoxo Devin

2 thoughts on “Tour Day 4 (Nashville, TN)

  1. man I fell y’alls pain. I have played there before and it totally sucked.

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