Tour Day 5 (Greenbrier, TN)

Memorable, interesting, enjoyable.

This day was more like Nashville, pt. 2. Greenbrier is only 20 minutes away, so we spent the whole day hanging in Nashville, seeing some awesome shops, food, a kickass park with a giant mosaic dragon, and a lot of Belmont U.
The show was an an early one, we drove over a little before dark.
The venue’s vibe was unique, but welcoming. The owner/guy running everything looked and was dressed exactly like my Dad 10 years ago just getting home from work. At first I actually thought he was lost, but then he and his suit and tie helped us load in our gear right away, and for the rest of the night he did really, really good sound and lightning. Badass points to him.
The first act was a 16 year old solo acoustic act. Probably the most honest thing I’ve seen all tour.
We were up next, and everyone felt pretty good about it. The crowd was slim. However, we met just about every last person who was at this place tonight and they were some of the nicest and genuine people we’ve met yet.
After us was an act by the name of One Eyed Doll. 3 piece heavy heavy rock show, all with makeup and dress, led by the guitarist/singer/show woman appearing as a quite scary life-size doll. Lot of rock, shredding inches away from crowd members faces as she ran amongst everyone, diving onto drumsets, and a very personal and spooky song about New Orleans sung to all of us gathered around in circle like story time. Memorable. Please check them out here.
Last was hardcore-Christian group Gunshow. See what I mean here. Some of the nicest guys.
By far the most colorful band-combination I’ve ever played a show with. I’m glad we met them all, and this venue, because the guy runs it really well as was extremely nice.

sleeping in the car today


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