Tour Day 6 (Atlanta, GA)


We left close to the first thing in the morning. We had to make a big stop early on to eat, load back up on groceries, and fix a broken lock for our trailer. The road to Atlanta was about 4 hours, at about half way things got weird and we started marvelling at the strange terrain (hills and stuff). We rolled into the city around sunset, beautiful looking city.

The venue looked like our kind of place. Essentially a basement under a community arts center, the atmosphere was both intimate and party-esque, and well decorated.
The vibe of music and fans around us caught us somewhat off-guard, I will admit. Much more of a synth/ambient/experimental/pop party than what we were thinking, but I’m into that too. We played second out of 5, and though we were definitely the odd one out, the fun and connection was still there.

I liked this place a lot. Artsy, comfy, friendly, in a basement.
our tour’s now officially over the hill!



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