Tour Day 7 (Athens, GA)

We played Plantation Land twice.

Athens is only about 1.5 hours from Atlanta, so we just hung back all day.
It was finally hot. We went out of our way to soak it in and feel like summer. We spent a few hours just outside our friend’s place. Relaxing, nostalgic day.

Eventually, we went out into the ATL and re-stocked on some music supplies, saw some sights, shopped a bit, and eventually came back and made a serious dinner of pasta, french bread, tostitos, and Coke that will be remembered.
We left late for Athens. We unloaded in the middle of the college-town street into the inviting cellar-bar. We were out-of-towners as the only act in an underground bar. The crowd was thin for most of the night, but as you can see in the video, their loyalty was un-matched.

To be more specific, during our last number at 1am, a few members of the UGA baseball team strolled down and in and were immediately enthusiastic about our cover of the Pixies’ “Where is My Mind?” and afterwards pretty raucously demanded another song. We had already played everything we knew (we were given a 2 hour slot), so we just played Plantation Land again.

We almost had a breakdown on the way home, stopping at 7 different gas stations before finding one that still pumped that gas that late, apparently that’s a thing in Athens.
We’re gonna be OK!

on a long drive to a house party today!


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